Steady on


Kick-in’up dust, heaven or bust; we’re headed for the Promised Land

Since the moment we believed we’ve been eager to leave

like a child tuggin’ daddy’s hand.

May we never forget that patience is a virtue

Calm our anxious feet so faithful hands can serve You Lord.


We run on up ahead we lag behind You.

It’s hard to wait when heaven’s on our minds

Teach our restless feet to walk beside You

Cause in our hearts we’re already gone.

Will You walk with us, steady on?


We wanna walk a while, we know that ev’ry mile is bringin’us closer home.

We wanna tell the story of sinners bound for glory and turn to find we’re not alone

When we walk in Your light the lost will see You better.

As the narrow road gets crowded Lord, won’t You lead us, steady on?